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Primary Education


The Hardest Decision I Had To Make

Having friends at an early age is a good thing because you share your problems and joy with them. It makes good sense for a young one to have friends, imagine growing up alone, with no one to play with and talk to when you have problems. 

The hardest decision I had to make when I was growing up was to get my self out of a friend zone, by that time I had many friends as we were all from the same previous primary school. Life in high school was very different from the one we were living in primary, all my friend's behavior changed, I don't know if it was adolescence stage or if it's something they always had in their minds.

Most of my friends started drinking alcohol and some were dating older boys at school, that was very challenging for me because I come from a very strict family, I had big dreams and I was looking for a brighter future as I knew the situation I was coming from. 

I started distancing myself from them, I always had to say I'm busy when they wanted to spend time with me. It wasn't easy but I ended up telling them that we had to take our separate ways. I don't regret taking that decision, it was good riddance to bad people. 

Making decisions on your own really helps you grow your self-confidence and esteem. Thank you for reading.

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