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5 Early Signs Your Relationship Won't Last For Long. - OPINION.

Most people join a relationship with their own ambitions in mind, unconcerned about how the other person feels. When you encounter someone like this in your life, the symptoms below indicate that your relationship will not endure long.

1. Your current spouse isn't interested in you. This may be seen in the way they react to whatever you're feeling, regardless of how sensitive it is. He or she will make reasons for not being near you, blaming their work or the tasks they have to complete every day.

2. If you and your partner don't talk about your future plans, it's almost certain that you're in a short-term relationship. This is because they believe it is preferable not to invest in people who are unimportant to them. When you try to discuss about the two of you being together in the future, he or she tends to avoid it.

3. The partner forbids you from meeting his or her relatives or even friends. This is because he or she believes he or she isn't dating the ideal person to tell people about. This could possibly be a matter of him or her not wanting to be seen with you in public since he or she is uncomfortable.

4. Your partner may begin to emotionally or physically abuse you. This is because when you go, he or she will be unaffected. They also act strangely in order to alienate you from them, causing you to reconsider leaving him or her.

5. Your partner may begin to cheat on you because he or she believes the other person is more appropriate than you.

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