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Guys, Never Date These Ten Kinds Of Girls

Guys, do not date a lady who:

1. Is constantly on the lookout for money.

It's been referred to as "daylight robbery." This type of girl will fleece you to the point of exhaustion and successfully turn you into fodder for everyone from the rich to the poor.

2. Constantly brings up the subject of girls.

She is constantly mentioning her best friend. She enticed you into celebrating her birthday with her and makes it a point to be present at all times. Her BFF is always accompanying her, and you have no sense of privacy at all.

3. Thinks she is a natural-born star, while you are a loser.

That is exactly how your situation will be if you happen to be dating the most popular girl in your college. Please understand that this is not meant to be offensive.

4. Does numerous comparisons.

You're attempting to present your most favorable side. You want to demonstrate to your girlfriend that you are a wonderful boyfriend. She, on the other hand, will never allow you to be at ease or satisfied with your attempts to make her happy.

5. Always have a complaint.

She is constantly complaining about how you are doing everything incorrectly. She finds fault with everything you've done and expresses no gratitude for anything you've accomplished up to this point.

(6) Is a " Miss Jealous "

She's been hating on your best friend since the beginning of time. She goes out of her way to come up with new and inventive ways to end your relationship. She desires to be the only one who receives attention.

7. Is a demon who has taken possession of a person.

Every time the number of your female friend's phone starts flashing on your phone, she gets into a fight with her.

8. Are emotional fools.

It has only been a month since they began dating, but she has already expressed an interest in getting married. You don't even know each other that well, but she considers herself to have enough knowledge of you to make a decision without regard to how you feel about it.

(9) Is a feminist

She was created in order to empower, educate, and save women from the chauvinistic men who exist on this planet.

10. Is a lover who is promiscuous.

Some women take great pride in the fact that they are able to pull a double cross on a man without him knowing. Even worse, they don't seem to be embarrassed in the least.

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