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OPINION| We Asked 123000 People On Our Facebook What They Think About Giving Their Girlfriend Money?

The survey company YouGov found that 43% of Americans describe themselves as financially insecure. This suggests that nearly 50% of you and your significant other could face financial hardship if just one unforeseen event occurs.

After all, given that dating is supposed to provide a sample of what marriage with someone would be like, shouldn't it be your responsibility to share the burden when your girlfriend or boyfriend has financial troubles? If your girlfriend loses her job or has an unwelcome emergency expense, you feel a similar responsibility to take care of her as a man. The same applies to a man struggling financially. 

If you love her so much, why would you let her suffer? It's so much easier to swoop in and alleviate the financial burdens she's currently facing. If your girlfriend needs financial help, what should you do? Can you give her money?

Maybe you're uncertain if it's appropriate to give your significant other a sum of money periodically. If that's the case, you'll face its unique challenges. When we love someone deeply, it's hard to watch them suffer. Borrowers feel enslaved in relationships; your lover does NOT want to feel that way about you. Furthermore, they do not want to lose their sense of free will.

The act of giving a lot of money to your significant other still carries repercussions. Even though giving money is less problematic than lending it, there are still many issues to consider. Although your monetary gift is not a financial loan, you will still have certain expectations or resentment when you give it to someone you are in an intimate, emotional relationship.

Our educational system is not geared to teach us the basics of personal finance, which is why our boyfriends and girlfriends might be having financial difficulties. In our society, discussing money is taboo.

Find other ways to offer your support without crossing any boundaries, rather than to give or lend your significant additional money during their time of need. Furthermore, Don't forget to follow us so that you miss more articles like this one. So do you give your partner money? Leave a Yes or No in the comments section below.



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