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Clement Has a CRUSH on Tlotliso, is he gay? | Skeem Saam

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According to Crush means a short-term but extreme feeling of love for someone

have strong feelings of love for someone mostly one-sided

to have romantic feelings for a person, usually with no results


This is a very interesting time in Clement's life. Ever since he disclosed that he is gay, he hasn't had some action as far as romantic relationships are concerned. Picture Source:

These days, he seems to be willing to explore a bit and he really seems ready to mingle. On Friday evening, he felt like going out just before Kwaito's ex colleague showed up at the Seakamela home's doorstep. Apparently, Tlotliso Makgoba wanted to surprise Kwaito with a visit... Unfortunately Kwaito wasn't available. What was interesting is, both Pretty and Clement liked what they saw and Clement refered to the gentleman as some "Hot Boy Alert". Could it have been love at first sight for Clement? All that the young man wants to know every since he saw Tlotliso is whether he is gay or not. But the question is, even if he is gay; does Clement stand a chance?

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Clement will take up a mission to find out who Tlotliso really is and what his past looks like. This will be all because Clemmy has hots for Tlotliso. Since Pretty and Clement saw the guy at the same time, say he turns out not to be gay; would it be wrong if Pretty decided to shoot her shot and see if she stands a chance at having something going with Tlotliso?

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