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OPINION |The Odds Are Against JubJub Now

Everything a woman says regarding consent and or rape is always going to be thought of as the truth. Nobody is determined to listen or believe JubJub.

Society have made us realise that a man will always be a victim of what is said or what he says will always be used against man. It is nature we must accept it. Each and every time a woman tells an abusive story she is telling the truth society regards it as the truth. When a man report about abuse he becomes a laughing stock.

Do not respond with emotions this is a site of speaking whatever you feel like. If you are against what is written here please comment good people let hear your views.

Let make comparison short and simple guys. Let say a he really abused her as she says why was she quiet all along why bringing the matter now. One may ask him or herself many questions regarding the matter. Amanda is a very beautiful woman that seem to be very cool.It a very difficult matter as it may be true or false we really do not know what really happened betweeen the two.

JubJub the victim of his own act or woman to be trusted as usual?

The way JubJub was talking he appeared as a person who does not respect woman maybe that what made Amanda Du Point very angry and decided to tell the story. One may even assume that she was nolonger prepared to talk about it but JubJub made the matter worse by the way she spoke about her.

It was wrong for JubJub to talk in that way about Amanda Du Point.Everybody was happy for him about the progress that he has made since he came from jail his life was starting to be the like in the old days.

It scary how some men do not believe women who are speaking out about rape. On the other hand women believe everything a woman says when it comes to rape.

The odds are against JubJub now!

Another woman had to speak out about JubJub raping apparently Amanda is not the first to speak out. It up to people to choose how they see this.

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