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Husband and wife relationship

Zimbabwean woman stays with 2 husbands in one house

A farmer would tell you that two bulls can never live in harmony in one kraal. 

But a Zimbabwean woman has defied logic by staying with two husbands in one house. 

Emma Nguwo, a nurse by profession, confirmed the story saying she was treating her two husbands well.

Ndiwo said she knew her story would grab international headlines after discovering that her neighbours were talking behind her back. 

She said she met her first husband while she was working in South Africa. 

She, however, returned home and got lonely. That is when she met her second husband Robert Musakanda.

She was upfront with Robert telling him the truth that she was married. 

"My first husband had not returned home for 13 years and Robert felt sorry for me. I told him that I had another man I was seeing and he was okay with me marrying another man. 

"I have four kids with my first husband and I have 1 child with my second husband," she said. 

Both husbands respect each other and they they have learnt to live with the fact that they share one woman. 


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