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Indian Girl uses the N word to say something about Zulu Men. Was she justified.

While there are many racist people in our beautiful Country, who publicly show there hate for others. There are actually good people who promote interracial relationships. In the case below a young Indian girl decided to make a video about Zulu men. However it's really hard to tell whether she was praising them or being offensive. All the details are down below.

She sent a message :

In the video, which you can watch down below, the Women reenacts what she claims she said to her Zulu Boyfriend. As the caption says " Me to my Zulu Boyfriend". To do this she lips syncs an audio about needed money, with her screaming at him to send it to her. Unfortunately the audio contains the N Word, which is what makes this video questionable and opens up an entire different conversation. Here's the video, you can click on the link to watch it, or keep reading to understand the implications of this.

The implications of the situation :

The question that plagues me here is whether she was right to use an audio that contains the N Word. She is not a Black person, so she wasn't allowed to say the word, however, she is dating a black man as she claims, so does that give her a pass.

The N Word is very offensive and derogatory when used by other races to describe Black people and it's causes a lot of hurt to them. Unfortunately racism still very much exists in this world so I believe that even if her intentions were pure, she shouldn't have used the N Word. Instead she should have used a different audio to describe her situation.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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