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Video|| A bride becomes a laughing stock after doing this dance moves at her wedding. See Reaction.

People intend to celebrate their achievements or special events differently, because our hypes are not the same for example two people can buy cars on the same day, and one can be extremely happy and celebrate by showing off to the public by posting on social media or driving around his neighbourhood, and the other one will be calm and do nothing like he didn't buy a car, the main point is both people are happy they just show-off differently.

A guy who goes by the name Mokgwati takes it to Twitter, sharing a video of a bride dancing at her wedding, he was judging the bride that she wasn't supposed to dance or act in that manner at her wedding, he thinks it was unprofessional for the lady to celebrate her special day like that. "O yena o fenya monna" he wrote.

The video reached many and his followers feel the same way too, some think the braid was supposed to dress in a certain way to do such moves, like wear a traditional attire so everything can align together with her dance moves. @DreamerSib hopped in and shared her comment "The problem of implementing other people's culture. This wouldn't be a problem if she was wearing her Venda, Tsonga, or Zulu attire but a white dress? No no no!" she wrote.

By watching the video, I don't think this bride did something wrong, she was just happy and celebrating her special day, for some reason, I think people will still judge her even if she was wearing her traditional attire. So let's let people be themselves and enjoy however they want to. I left a link to the video so you guys can also watch it.

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