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Lady Reveals The Two Things She Wants From A Man Instead Of Money

Blessing Okoro Nkiruka, a controversial Relationship and Mental Health Therapist, has raised eyebrows after she declared that she wanted something else from a man in addition to money. Blessing Okoro has been making news for quite some time now, thanks to her controversial dating advice for women that she has shared.

The video blogger and therapist once recorded a video in which she claimed that it is the fault of women if their men do not stay in bed for more than one minute. She prompted a flurry of responses on social media after claiming that males do not stay in bed for more than one minute because their wives are too sweet for them to keep their emotions under control. Many people expressed their opinions in response to Blessing Okoro's remarks, and the vast majority agreed with her.

Blessing stated in a recent video that she is not looking for a man who will offer her money because she already has a sufficient amount of money. In her own words, she stated that the only things she desires from a man are loyalty and reassurance. Rather than material possessions such as money, she believes that these are the most crucial aspects of a successful relationship.

This is all many women desire from a man, according to the video she released, which was captioned: Assurance and loyalty are essential! Keep your money because I can make it as well.” Women want to be reminded that they are truly loved. This is a universal desire. “I don't know if I can express myself any clearer than this, but I love you and I want you. Every day for the rest of my life, I'll be thinking about you! Whatever the case may be! “That is all there is to it” –this is what the majority of women want to hear.

The CEO of Blessing agrees with all that was expressed in the video. "This is all I want from a man," she explained. 4ck your money, I have that too. Give me your dam loyalty”. Blessing CEO also takes advantage of the occasion to educate women on the importance of not placing money first in any relationship. When it comes to relationships, loyalty and reinforcement of love should be the most important factors to consider. According to the CEO of Blessing, these two characteristics are precious.

What Blessing CEO stated has elicited a variety of opinions from her fans and followers. "I'm not sure what women want exactly, but I thought you mentioned that any man who doesn't give a woman money doesn't love her, and that love comes with giving?" asked one man. Some people believe that money is actually more important in a relationship than love, while others believe that a combination of the two is the greatest option for them.


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