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VIDEO: Check Out What Was Found Inside This Guy's Drawer That Is Causing Stirs Online

There are many diseases that accompany unprotected sex. Some of these include gonorrhea, HIV and AIDS, chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), pubic lice, etc. In view of this, young people who do not have a single partner are always advised to use condoms to protect themselves.

 Married couples can also use condoms for family planning. But check the picture below, the person in your picture does not seem to be a married man. If he were to get married, it would be understandable that many condoms in his drawer were used for family planning.

 But after seeing this video, most netizens said that this guy is a female pervert. How could there be so many such condoms in a man's drawer? Even if there is something in the drawer, he is still loading new ones. Therefore, some social media users say that people like this have made up their minds not to marry and have children.

 All he cares about is packaging innocent girls with these condoms. Some social media users said that such people cannot enter heaven because they have no intention of living a holy life.

 Check out some reactions from social media users who saw this video:

 You can also watch the video through the following link:

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