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Women are asked whether they can accept cheap rings for marriage.

A man went to social media to ask women whether women would agree to get married in cheap rings. He then posted a picture of the rings which look like diamond but are actually cheap versions. Find out what the women said.

Lethu stated:

You guys don't understand that when a woman loves you even a R60 ring from Mr Price will make her happy.

Kwena stated:


Sophia stated:

Oh yes. They are beautiful. Marriage is not supposed to measure against the type of ring that you are wearing or the amount it costs. It's far more than that.

Jules stated:

It's just a ring. It can be replaced later on in life.

Miss Vee stated:

I would honestly. They look beautiful.

Mendie stated:

I'm sorry but I would not accept.

Mapula stated:

No I wouldn't. I'm ok with being married without a ring until he can afford one.

Janwarri stated:

I was actually married with a R600 ring.

Samantha stated:

Imagine buying this to propose only for it to turn green in 2 weeks.

Yolanda stated:

Yes I would. Then after many years of marriage when we have everything we can replace the old cheap one.

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