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3 Prayer Points Every Couple Should Constantly Pray About

I often remind couples that prayers should always be the master key to unlocking all of the benefits on their home fronts, but what most couples don't realize is that maintaining regular communication with God allows him to establish a permanent residence in your home as well.

The following are three prayer topics that every marriage should pray about on a regular basis:

First, you should make an effort to go to the Lord in prayer on a regular basis, asking for his divine direction and protection for your household. We all know that we live in extremely dangerous times, and God's protection is the only thing that can keep us safe from harm.

When you have God's supernatural provision in every single thing you do as a family on the home front, you will never have to worry about your vessels and storage running out of food or water. This is a very important major prayer topic for a couple to focus on together.

Third, pray for success in all you do on the home front. When you pray for prosperity, you will find that you will always have enough to support your family's needs on a daily basis.

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