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A man asked to take her on a weekend getaway while being broke promising to pay her back, she shared

When a man asks a woman for money, this simply means that he sees in you an opportunity to make some money. Im not saying this always happens, but be aware. A lot of women have been victims of someone who declared his undying love for them, too soon and before he really got to know them as a person.

These scammers always make sure that they come up with tricks just to main their fake lifestyles and they do this by luring women into falling in love with them, only to use them and milk them off their money just when they are blinded by love. We have been seeing this happening to a lot of women and it's heartbreaking. 

On a tweet shared on Twitter by a lady was stunned by man who wanted fool her, it was shared that: "Not a man asking me to go on a weekend getaway with him but the catch is he is broke so I will pay for the whole weekend and he will reimburse me, excuse me Sir?". 

A lot of people were left as stunned as she was after seeing her post, leaving a lot of people wondering why this man tried to fool her like this: "Now you finally know how it feels like being a man. Salute to that gent. He shouldn't even have offered to pay you back. Secondly, we start the "a woman must" agenda. By 2022 June, you will be very well cooked.

What do you think of this lady's recent post about a broke man who wanted to take advantage of her? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button. 


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