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Acknowledge spiritual partner when ancestral gifted

spiritual partner

Spiritual partner can make your life a living hell, people will hate you, relationships won't last. When you have a spiritual partner either you hate sex or you become sex addict. 

Spiritual partner can turn to be very jealous when your partner loves you, that's why it will chase them away.Spiritual partner leaves you with dirty blood every day, that's why you will experience bad smell from your private part, usually infections etc 

If you have kids spiritually that can lead you to struggle to have kids physically.If you are married spiritually you can't be married physically.

We get spiritual partners in different places, some from their families as sacrifices, some from people they slept with, some because of jealous and more. 

Nothing will go well in your life if you living your life with a spiritual partner, you'll experience miscarriages, always tired, badluck and people don't like you, everyone will sleep with you and never comes back.

Spiritual partner salahliwa 

Tikolotse salt black and red 

Tikolotse oil 

Vimbela oils all 

Vimbela Vaseline black and red 



Holy ash 

Eggs x2









You steam and bath 3 to 7 days after you get spiritual person who will help you to get rid of it permanently, it can be mountain, running water etc

Kudede ubu mnyama kuvele ukukhanya

Ndauwe 👏

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