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Man commits suicide after his wife refuse to share him blankets for months


Men marry to make your that whenever they come home there is always happiness. Until the day a woman starts acting weird that is when the man changes his personality. Some men tend to be aggressive while others out of love become victims in the relationship.

Residents from a small township named Vanguard in Mberengwa were left tongue tied on Saturday when an illegal gold miner committed suicide over a relationship.As he gave himself cyanide poison for the fact that his wife refused to share blankets with him this winter.

Edson Shumba Magwenzi who is a businessman and a gold panner demanded blankets from his wife when he arrived back home. It is alleged that his wife refused. Doing so to punish Magwenzi for not sleeping home.

He went to relatives for advice failing to guide him, Edson decided to take his life instead.

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Mberengwa Vanguard


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