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"Politeness has become so rare is mistaken as flirtation "

Politeness has become do rarr people mistake it as flirtation. We need to learn to be polite and humble,to do that they are ways you need to follow to begin with.They are a lot of positive words you should speak often that sharpen and mould your mentality to the better.Words like "thank you " and "please" should be said alot.We need to make a habit of saying them along with teaching our children to say this words.

Being polite should be about the way you talk and your actions.Not you basically flirting thinking that is the way of showing you aree polite. Learn to appreciate the little things you have,and stop counting your blessings. God gives and take,counting your blessing will just interfere with your progress.

Remember to pray often and invite God into your life. Make every second count,lean onto the Lord,he will never disappoint you. He is unlike anyone else,He is our Savior. Tell Him all your worries, he will eliminate them for you. Because nothing is impossible with Him.

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