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6 Things To Expect When You Date A Broke Guy

Most women say they can't date broke men, but there are a few who don't mind. It doesn't matter if he's unemployed or having financial difficulties; finding love is still possible. Here are six things to expect if you find yourself attracted to a man like this:

1. Disappointment, to begin with. He may be unable to give you what you need because he cannot afford it right now.

2. You will need something from your guy. If you're not careful, he'll come across as stingy and unimportant in comparison to the lovers of your friends, leading to a painful breakup.

3. Uncertainty and insecurity are synonyms for fear. While most men think of themselves as being the breadwinners in their households, those who find themselves in financial difficulty worry about how they will support their partners. They are treated as second-class citizens as a result.

4. There is no guarantee that it will lead to a happy ending. Dating a broke man doesn't mean he'll stay with you forever, even if you're helping him out financially. No matter how good you are, you will never be the right fit for the wrong person.

5. This is money you'll have to spend on him. You will be forced to make a financial commitment. The money you earn will be divided with him while he works on getting back on his feet.

6. Restriction. When you're dealing with the demands of family and friends, dating a broken man takes guts. There will be opposition from loved ones and friends, and you may hesitate if your case isn't solid.

They are a pleasure to sleep with. Despite the fact that there is no concrete evidence to back up this assertion, the general consensus is that most impoverished men attempt to make up for their lack of financial resources by improving their sexual prowess.

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