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Divorce Affair

Before you get married you must reconcile the perfect partner in mind and the one in your real life

Some believe marriage have problems when it is them who bring problem to marriage. People bring problems inside marriage and blame marriage. When they commit adultery it is not marriage who committed that adultery it them or one of them who brought that evil in their holy blessed marriage to breach their vows

Those who bring problematic attitude inside marriage bring problem inside their marriage relationships. Negative attitude from one side lead to negative reaction from the otherside. Some say they do not want to get married when it is marriage who do not want or need them with their attitude, they do not bring joy but they want and need joy. They do not come with love but they come with emotional scars and unresolved issues of previously failed relationnships and negative attitude expecting to be truly loved. They have demands, expectations and minimum requirements and standards in minds. They demand perfect partners when they are not perfectWhen perfect person in minds does match person in real life, conflict of unmet expectations start. Fantasy partner in mind versus real person in real life. Fantasy versus real life. Many relationships problems exist in the mind not in reality but lead to real poblems. For example someone who was abused or someone closed to him/her was abused by opposite, she is likely to have problematic attitude to the opposite gender which will fail all his/her relationships. 

Hurt single mothers are more likely to have daughters who cannot have stable marriage relationships or not get married at all. If hurt single mother tell her daughter that men are trash or not trust worthy that will stay in daughters minds and have trust issues that will create problems in daughters relationship/s. They will believe they have marriage problem when they have psychological problems  

Attitudes is formed consciously and unconsciously, If you come to a relationship over obssessed with being a victim of abuse you will see a lot of abuse that is not there but in your mind. That will collapse all relationships you build. One problem lead to another. Our great grand mothers or fathers had same relashioship challenges, but did not have many failed relationships because of either their positive attitude towards opposite gender or better understanding and positive reactions to opposite relationships, attitude becomes your world view or your goggles

Before you get married you must reconcile the perfect partner in mind and the one in your real life, and make peace with reality to live in peace. Delete all pre marriage fantasy and download reality.

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