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Never Date These Types Of Ladies Or Else Your Life Will Be Miserable.

If you spend any amount of time with women that fit these descriptions, your life will be a living hell.

I am grateful that you chose to click.

In today's piece, I'm going to explain to you why you should never date women that fit these descriptions because they will make your life a living hell if you do. If you continue dating them, you will never be able to find mental stability. You will spare yourself the inconvenience of squandering both your time and your finances. And most significantly, the condition of your heart. If you value your sanity and don't want to date certain sorts of women, I have a quick rundown of the five most common types of women to avoid.

1. I am not a lady who is ready.

She is constantly making excuses for you. You have high hopes for the relationship, but she is not yet ready for that step. You guys put pressure on women when they tell you they aren't ready for something, but you still want to push or force them to see how far you can go in the relationship even if they have told you they aren't ready. If you are a man and you encounter a woman who is confident enough to tell you that she is not ready for a relationship, then I must implore you not to pursue a romantic connection with her. Don't try to trick her into thinking that she'll feel the same way about you someday.

2. The lady who makes hefty purchases.

If she is the sort of person who enjoys wasting money on pointless stuff, you should steer clear of her right away and never date a lady who is like that. And the most excruciating aspect of it is not even her own money. She will be constantly on your case, attempting to get you to hand up money so that she may buy items that are not in the best interest of the partnership.

3. a lady without gratitude.

Please get out of the relationship if your girlfriend is the sort of woman who doesn't appreciate the money or how much you care for her. You cannot go out there to perspire under the scorching heat, and when you return home, if she continues to dislike the amount of money you offer for her, then you need to acknowledge that the only reason she is with you is because she is hungry and not because she loves you truly. And if you are unable to supply it for her, she will complain about it to you.

4. Too prideful.

I'm willing to wager that you don't want to date her if she seems to have an excessive amount of self-confidence or thinks that she is superior to everyone else. They will never let you rest in peace. She will make use of it since she is completely self-absorbed and has no empathy for the experiences of others.

5. Liar.

If you are always with a lady who either never tells you the truth or only gives you half-truths, then you need to exercise extreme caution. Because no one would want to be with a liar, and even if you did, how could you possibly trust her if she was lying to you?

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