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How Age Difference Between You and Your Partner Will Affect Your Relationship. - OPINION.

We experienced a situation a few years ago in which a young South African man married a grandma. Their wedding made national and international headlines, and many people questioned how they fell in love. People have always been curious as to why a young man chooses to marry an older woman. In some African societies, it was even forbidden for a man to marry an elderly woman. Surprisingly, many people are unconcerned when an elderly guy desires to marry a young woman. It has long been a custom for old men to marry young ladies, according to several scriptures. But, aside from that, does the age gap in a marriage effect it in any way?

Marital satisfaction drops more considerably in couples with a wide age difference than in couples with similar age disparities, according to a scientific study published in the Zeitschrift für Bevölkerungsökonomie.

Couples with an age difference of zero to three years were happier than couples with a four-to-six-year age gap. Couples who had been apart for four to six years were also happier than those who had been apart for seven or more years. Overall, marital satisfaction fell as the age gap between the partners widened.

The study also found that, regardless of age differences, men and women who were married to younger partners reported higher marital satisfaction than those who were married to older partners. After six to ten years of marriage, however, that satisfaction began to fade. These findings suggest that there is an ideal age gap for couples marrying and loving each other.

A happy and healthy relationship and marriage, regardless of the results, are determined by the individual, and many variables contribute to their long-term success. The age gap isn't the only factor that influences the success of your marriage.

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