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" Finally told my mom about my biological father molesting me as a child "- Thembi Opens Up

Finally told my mom about my biological father molesting me as a child and she is very supportive and strong about it. I was scared to tell her in the past because I thought she would break down. My trip home is very fruitful.

Abuse from someone you trust can destroy you from deep within, you will come accross situations that are unbearable, its so sad when your biological father abuses you sexually, someone you thought would be the one who saves you from the qorld but him being the one to damage you like that, this can dramatically change your entire life.I'm glad you told her,I told mine because she was pushing me " your dad is trying to build a relationship with you, don't push him away" and I was like please stop forcing me into having a relationship with that rapist mah, she was shocked at what I eas telljng herp.

" He came in my life November 2012 he did this August 2014, I distanced myself from him, He started reaching out to mom 2015, asking her to speak to me he feels I haven't forgive him for his absence in my life and so on. "

It Takes a strong person to open up about such worse telling a parent who wants to be in love with the perpetrator,You such brave woman and Inspiration to man who fear to face parents to share such news merely because parents sometimes take sides of their spouses.

We are So glad that you have the love and support of your Queen always. Safe travels and may your journey continue to be a blessing to those who seek healing from a similar walk of life. Love you sister, you are loved and the healing process is lengthy, talking about it especially to your mom is a big step and from now on you will finally find strength and healing in your heart.

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