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Don’t go back to your Ex- turn your Heels and let him see what he lost

If I could give you romantic advice, I would tell you never to look back at those who did not know how to appreciate you. 

Why ? Because if they knew how to appreciate you, you wouldn’t even have to look back. They would always be by your side!

If at this moment you cross a difficult time, know that you are not alone. 

Know that I am here for you, and that I know how terrible it is to suffer because of an ex who was not worthy of one of your tears.

It never stopped me from crying an entire river every time I dreamed of her face, and every time I missed her sense of humor. 

But that didn’t mean I was weak, it just showed that I was human.

And in all this misery, I realized certain things.

First, you must reach down to be able to rise to this healthy place and revealing where everything suddenly starts to make sense: every tear you shed, every argument you have crossed and every moment of anger made you explode.

All the missed opportunities to fix things and all the treatment he inflicted on you. 

Over time, all of these little things begin to reveal an overview that shows you that the current situation is exactly as it should be.

As difficult as it may seem to understand all of this now, I promise you it will make more sense in just a few weeks. 

Unfortunately, you have to go through all the stages of mourning before you get to this good place – but it will happen for sure.

What I am trying to tell you is this: if the bottom of your heart you KNOW that the break was the best decision for you, be proud of yourself and stop doubting.

After all, you are an intelligent woman. 

You know very well that if he cared to, he would never have left you. If he cared about you, he would have called to ask!

And if your feelings mattered to him, he would have tried to fix things before breaking up!

Don’t give him that satisfaction of going back. 

Because there is nothing to find! Your past is part of the past for good reasons. You have learned a great lesson from it, and now you are ready to face your present and your future.

The thing you can do is show him what he lost! 

Make her regret taking you for granted and losing you while remaining that confident, strong and positive woman that you are.

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