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Think Twice Before You Take Back Your Ex


Remember how you were hurt by then when you had just got to know that your lover was cheating on you with someone else. You needed comfort, you needed someone to lean on, you needed courage, and you never knew that you could be strong again. It took you time to nurse your heart but at last you made it. You got over that twit. Now you are happy, single and contented. You got no stress. But now you ex is back after a long period of time. I had that “she said that she misses you a lot, that he is sorry for all what he did to you, that she needs a second chance and he promises to change this time.” Now you are a little bit confused. You don’t know what to do. Those little words are blindfolding you now. You’re now thinking of changing your mind and you take him/her back. But I tell you what?

Take your time, don’t rush. Ask yourself why did they leave in the first place? Why did they cheat on you? Where you worth that? Why did they take your love for granted? Why did they waste your time? Why are they coming back to you after all that long period of time? Is it because that they have now realized the difference you hard? Is it because they are now lonely? Aren’t they coming back to hurt you the more or to complicate your life again? My friend, think twice. Don’t just rush to take your ex. First know the reasons why they are getting back to you.


One thing about me is I don't discuss my relationship with friends, family or anyone, when there are issues I talk to God first. If He leads me to someone then I do or He gives me direct reply. Not everyone is happy you are in that relationship, your family can even attack your relationship. 

Be a responsible person, learn to solve your issues internally. Discussing your partner to someone only exposes your relationship. What if after spoiling him/her, you get back, you've already done the damage. Some will say things about their partners to their parents and later when parents start rising against the person and hating they feel bad.

Be wise, never make your partner look bad or evil in the sight of your friends or family because at the long run you will be ruining your own self. Even if the person did something bad and it led to your breakup use wisdom. Before you think about tarnishing his/her image, remember it was the same person who gave your heart goose pimples days before. Remember it's the same person who stole away your night, replace it with smiles and laughter. Just be wise, whether you are currently together or broken up, never tarnish the image of that person.

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