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Need healthy relationship? Then this is specially for you

Regardless of how much I might get chastised for saying it, I'm going to say it nonetheless. When you're with someone, you're a better person, whether you're a guy or a woman. Blame it on Socrates' conception of soul mates or mere prejudice, but when two people work together as one, they're a lot better at managing everything and everyone in their lives, even themselves. It's as if you're always carrying a mirror with you, reflecting your thoughts, feelings, and deeds. That's why, when we're in a relationship, we're basically nicer people, assuming we're with the proper person.

And, while I can't speak for males, when it comes to women, these are the very minimums we expect when we agree to be in a relationship with you. No, it's not your money; it's not you staying away from other women; and it has nothing to do with intimate relations... at least not entirely. Relationships, you see, are more about heart and mind connections, and how two individuals transform these into reality. Again, don't take this as a comprehensive guide on interacting with women. Instead, think of this as a guide to creating healthy relationships in which women don't nag or obsess, and men (you) don't become enraged and leave.

1. Constant Communication 

Every single one of us is a communicator. We all communicate in different ways—some talk, some listen, and still others discover methods to communicate without saying anything. The aim is to get your message through as quickly as possible. And there's always the danger of doing too little, too late.

2. Mutual Respect

It's one of the most underappreciated and overlooked aspects of a couple's relationship. Respect for one another extends beyond literal terms in this case. It's all about relationship boundaries being respected. It's about you respecting your partner's viewpoint on something and not trying to manipulate your way through it. It might be as easy as deciding where the two of you stand on a consensual intercourse, or it could be as complicated as deciding on the next step in your relationship. It's about mental stamina and respecting each other's personal space. It's about not pushing her to her breaking point just to see how far you can push her.

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