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Valentine’s Day FIGHT: Man was stripped off Naked after he had refused to give his wife a gift

In the female population, Valentine's Day holds a particular place in the hearts of many people. In the event that things don't go according to plan, there's generally a lot of drama for the females to play around with.

When video of a couple arguing in public surfaced, many people were surprised. Rather of ending in joy, it ended in tears for an otherwise great day. A woman was caught stripping her husband of his clothes and putting his name in dirt after repeatedly criticizing him. By the time she was ready to go out, he had broken his promise of money and drove off with her in his car without saying anything.

When the man's parents were in the room, he was ashamed to have been stripped to his underwear in front of them.

It was discovered that there was a naked male in the area. According to members of the local community, he should go to the police and file a criminal complaint against his wife for the shame she has caused. No man can put up with such behavior from someone referred to as "Wife." Residents seemed unconcerned about her condition, since she was permitted to escape punishment for her offenses. Mzansi chastised the videographer for allowing his brother to be treated like an animal because of the holiday's proximity to Valentine's Day.

Women should be aware that they may not be able to acquire all they want all at once, in my opinion. Being someone's wife means you already know their financial situation and realize you can't make unreasonable expectations just to eat.

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