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Women, You Want To Live Long never Marry These 6 Types Of Men.

Dating can be a dangerous endeavor if it isn't done correctly and thoroughly. You'll end up with the wrong guy if you don't pick carefully. Even worse if you get married to them. Marriage is a commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone else. YoI'du'll have to deal with your husband's behavior on a daily basis, whether it's good or bad. You need a man who truly loves, supports, and cares for you in order to have a healthy relationship. If the person you're seeing is truly exceptional, you may find yourself wishing to tie the knot with him. Some men, on the other hand, you should avoid getting married to. There are six types of men you should avoid at all costs.


Is it really worth it to be in a relationship with someone who is abusive? Avoid being around men who can't control their anger or irritation. It's okay if your partner gets angry every now and then, but if you've noticed that he becomes enraged over trivial matters and abuses you as a result, you should end the relationship.

Because of the stress, you'll eventually feel emotionally drained, too. As long as your boyfriend is verbally abusive, he is likely to become physically abusive in the future. As a result, do not get married to a man who is easily angered.

the "work is life" guy

I advise you to keep away from this guy as much as possible. Although it's admirable if your partner is driven by his or her career, you may want to rethink your choice if this is the case. As long as he's working, he won't give advice or thoughts on anything.

They'll nod and say, "whatever you want," after they've listened to you for a while. They'll never start a conversation about making plans or the future. I guarantee you'll feel lonely in a relationship with this guy since he is emotionally unavailable.

One who only thinks about getting married.

It appears like you've only had a few dates with this guy. This is something that you are well aware of, but your boyfriend treats you like you've known each other forever and is constantly broaching the subject of getting married. His life revolves around getting married and having kids, and that's all he talks about. Because he only talks in circles, a man of this type should not be trusted. Ultimately, they'll find a variety of excuses to prevent you from taking action. While it's possible that your boyfriend's constant talk of marriage is sincere, it's also possible that his words are just empty rhetoric.

The man who is too possessive

As a result, this individual disapproves of your actions. What you wear, who you talk to, how much time you spend chatting with other males, and so on are all fair game for scrutiny on social media. Every little thing your partner does is scrutinized by him, and he has a problem with it the rest of your life. Even though you believe it to be nice and kind, it is truly poisonous. You'll never be able to win a man's trust, no matter how hard you try.

The Casanova

It will be evident in his behavior if you are merely another target for his attention. The only time a playboy will stick around is if he is enamored with your company or believes that you can be his next big love interest. The only thing he'll do is tell you to shift the subject since he doesn't want to ruin the moment.

If he doesn't like you, he'll hunt for a new girlfriend before you know it. What is it about a man who is so unreliable that draws a woman in?

Mummy's little boy

It's one thing to like your mom, but it's quite another to let her dictate your every move. Never, ever, marry a mama's boy. Ever. His professional, emotional, and romantic lives will be profoundly affected by his relationship with his mother. It doesn't matter if he is a good person or not, because he needs his mother's approval on every action.

It's not a good idea to get married to any of these men: are the six types you should not marry-2282507/;'t.html;'t.consider.marriage/

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