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Checkout these 4 Ways To Identify A Stingy Man In A Relationship.

"Having" and "giving" are not synonymous. It's one thing to have, and it's quite another to give from one's resources. There are men who have a lot of money but are stingy with it (they don't contribute much), and there are men who have very little but give generously (they are givers). 

Some women make the mistake of assuming that "having" and "giving" are synonymous until they meet a stingy wealthy man. 

Because the truth is, no lady wants to be married to a man who is well-off monetarily. Set aside money obtained through nefarious and dubious means. 

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The money is obtained in a legal and honest manner. Unfortunately, few women want to take a step back and consider whether every financially secure man is willing to spend money on her. 

Possessing money is one thing, but spending it is quite another. There are wealthy men who find it difficult to spend their money on their families. There are women who are married to wealthy men but are unable to support themselves. Not every woman who marries a wealthy man reaps the benefits of her husband's fortune. The only time the man gives money to his wife is when she wants to go shopping for groceries. 

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Unfortunately, some of those husbands still force their spouses to stay at home and not work. The ladies were already living a frugal lifestyle before they married, but they chose to disregard it. 

Look out for the following indicators when dating a man as a single lady to avoid marrying a wealthy fist tightened man: 

1.He'll never offer you a treat on his own own. 

2.There will never be a time when he will give you money out of the kindness of his heart if you are in need. 

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3. Even if you ask, he will always find a way to avoid giving you the money. 

4. Whenever you ask for financial assistance, he will tell you how much money he needs to solve his financial problems, robbing you of your funds. 

If a man has a source of income, no matter how small, he will always give you something from it or perform any of the things described above if he is the giving sort. If you can't contribute from a small amount, you won't be able to give from a large sum of money.

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