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Maintaining a good relationship from father to a son

Fact is when starting a relationship with our fathers is never easy. Most when our fathers can't carry just a small talk to a son. They usually become aggressive or always busy to listen to our life journey. What's worse is when you start dating they act like you've making a mistake of your life.

When you start talking back, they say your been disrespectful to them. That's why lots of love with a father becomes unavailable and less fortunate. So I encourage all fathers that please listen to what we wanna say. Unless it's hard to solve then seek opinions then come advise you son than unrespectable

Mother's always listening to what a son needs than you fellow fathers. Sometimes they're even the ones who sit with dad's and negotiate for a son's sake. Weather is right or even wrong choice. If we give an ear to your son's, You will raise with just more than a man. Because when sharing your building a brighter future for you to lighten

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