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How to tell if a girl likes you but is trying to hide it.

Women seldom express their sentiments to the males in their lives in any way. Fear of rejection may be a factor for some women, or they may just be unable to express their sentiments because they are ashamed of their emotions.

No matter how hard they attempt to hide their feelings, they will leave some clues since they are also people. There are five signs that a lady likes you but is attempting to hide it from you.

1. She is always eager to assist you.

When you stop and think about it, no woman would ever spend her time with someone she doesn't love or like. Because of this, I'm going to assume she likes you. To know that a lady cares about you, she must be there for you at all times, especially when you are having a hard time or feeling lonely. If you find someone like her, don't let her go. She deserves to be at your side for the rest of her life.

2. She is always apologising.

Generally, saying "I'm sorry" is a tough thing to do, but if a lady says it without any hesitation, even if she's at fault, you can be sure she's into you. Besides the fact that she may not like to see you two separate, it is very possible that she likes you both. Because she truly is one in a million, don't let go.

3. She engages you in pointless debates.

If a woman doesn't have feelings for a man, she won't be able to hold a meaningful discussion with him. There are several indicators that a female likes you: she'll quarrel with you about little matters.

4. She sends you flirtatious text messages.

In a subtle manner, she sends you flirty SMS to let you know she loves you. This is pointless for a lady who dislikes you. At this point, you should know that she likes you and is just attempting to hide her feelings from you.

5. She pays close attention when you speak.

Women might be difficult to manage and pay little attention to guys, but if you have one, it means she likes you and wants to learn as much as she can about you as she possibly can. It's easy to tell if she likes you or not by her attentiveness and increased use of gestures when you're talking to each other. An uninterested lady will not listen to advice from a guy she hates.

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