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How live with other human hacks

How to live amongst other people

First and foremost always, always I repeat always return the money you borrowed with the same energy you had asked for it with.

Never call the same person continuously three times in a row there's a reason for a call log they'll know you called if they are not answering presume they are extremely busy. Also if you are calling a person that lives with their significant other never call after 21:00pm

Never give advice unless you are asked. Also never give negative advice. A Point to remember never advice your friend to leave their significant others you could lead them to that decision but it not something you say direct.

If they don't talk about it, don't ask.

Don't speak about riches amongst the poor.

Take of your hat/cap also sunglasses when speaking with the elders it shows respect.

Put your phone down when you are with people. Also being on a lengthy call when a person is at your presence is rude.

Never date any of your friends ex's, or your siblings ex's that shows how loose you can be.

Don't speak of children amongst the baren.

Never speak I'll of the dead.

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