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Pregnancy period

In Sh0ck: "Failure To Find Sexual Partner Now A Disability", World Health Organisation Reports

People are still in shock after viewing this article that has been trending on social media. And has obviously sparked a huge debate as people have argued to differ from the opinion stated in the article.

In the article it is clearly stated that failure to find a sexual partner is now considered a disability. So it is either one gets intimate or they are disabled.

A person who do not have sex or struggle to find sexual partners to have Children will fall under the category. It is furthermore explained by the World Health Organisation that a person who struggles to achieve pregnancy after 12 months of pregnancy is very much disabled.

The above information has been captured on social media and therefore has not been verified.

Otherwise, people have opposed, saying that the article makes no sense. In their context, disability is something that prevents one from achieving their goals. So what does sexual life have to do with disability?

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