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5 Reasons why some people prefer celibacy

They want to grow personally

Most people want to achieve personal growth before they consider a two-person development. Indeed from their points of view, how would it be possible to build something together when we don’t even know ourselves?

They like their state of mind

The company has established a policy that a person needs to be in a relationship, to start a family to find happiness. These people believe that being successful at other levels can bring happiness and that it shouldn’t depend on someone else.

They are not ready

Engagement can be scary at times, and that’s probably what happens to these people. They want to keep their independence, their freedom. Indeed, for them, starting a new story will have an impact on their usual way of life. They will feel compelled to make concessions and give up old habits, and this may interfere with their personal development.

They love their social lives

Single people often have a very healthy social circle. They like this feeling of belonging to a group, this feeling of being part of a whole. Being in a relationship for them means that they will have less time to devote to the people they like and they are not ready for it.

They had a bad memory of love

A break? A betrayal? Sometimes single people have had a painful past. Suddenly, they prefer to rely only on themselves because for them, giving their confidence to a new person seems to be impossible. Behind every behavior, there is a story. For them, being single reduces the risk of being injured.

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