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Husband and wife relationship

Dear Men, A Wife Material Is Not A Woman Who Will Give You Peace Of Mind At Home - Blessing CEO

Blessing CEO, a prominent Nigerian celebrity, is a relationship guru, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, and social media personality. Her message was posted on her verified Instagram profile just a short time ago, and it was titled, "Dear guys, a good wife is not a lady who makes you feel safe at home."

According to her, this message is aimed at males, and she wants them to rethink what it means to be a wife material as a result. She clarified, however, that these women aren't stupid or silent; they're the sort you believe will offer you peace of mind at home or don't speak out when he does anything wrong because they want to keep their guy, etc..

In addition, she believes that a 'wife material' woman is a strong woman who can stand on her own two feet, console her husband, and lend a helping hand when called upon to do so. She also points out that many guys are lost since they don't know what they desire.

Final words from her: they (men) want to be manipulative and dominating, therefore they'll marry someone who can't give them anything back in return. In the end, though, they will cheat because they are exhausted, and then they will wonder if they were really in love in the first place.

To learn more, click on the video link provided below. medium=copy link

When it comes to marriage, she has made a lot of sense to me since it goes far beyond finding a partner who would make you happy, and if she is simply looking for peace of mind, I doubt that home will advance.

What are your thoughts, guys? Was there any sense to what she was saying? Let us know what you have to say in the space below the comments.

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