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Young women should stop doing this


Many girls hate each other because of the man.the minute the guy anter in your life they come with so many excuse and some lies.many girlfriend hate the ex girlfriend of her boyfriend for no reason they just listen to their boyfriends lies and she will start the hate and judgement.

The problem is they dont see that the guy just wanted the points so that he can win your trust and get into the girls life.the this is he literally dont hate her ex-girlfriend but made you hate her for no reason.girls like to make an unnecessary enemies,so girlfriend should be awere that the boys dont hate but makes girls his girlfriend you should ask if she talks so bad about his ex's what will he say about you.

The better solution is young women should stop the hate for each other,they should start to support and take care for each the end you hate the person but your boyfriend still care about that person.

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