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“I Hold my pee with my hand and use it to wash my Vagina after unprotected sex”- Lady Explain

People should practice health-focused behaviors before, after, and all throughout sexual activity. These behaviors are referred to as "sexual hygiene." In an ideal world, each of us would adhere to the highest standards of sexual hygiene that are currently available. One of the most important best practices is becoming familiar with what is typical for your unique physique. Taking care of your sexual hygiene is important to your general health for a number of reasons, the two most important of which are listed here. In the first place, it lessens the likelihood of developing infections in those areas, which can be a precursor to more serious problems like infertility. Second, it lowers the risk of developing any one of a wide variety of diseases that are spread through sexual contact.


Recently, there’s a lady who took it to social media to share the things she does to keep her sexual hygiene good after having unprotected sex. She stated that she immediately goes to the bathroom and pees on her hand while washing her private area with urine to prevent infections. She said that s'urine is very antiseptic and can prevent infections.



She also advises boys that immediately after having an unprotected src, they must also go to the bathroom and use their urine to wash their private areas to avoid getting infections and other sexual transmitted diseases. However, her theory is not scientifically proven, but it is always good for your health to pee after sex, according to Dr. Samantha Bitty, a Toronto-based sex educator.



After this was posted, many people were very shocked. Some wanted to know how true this was, while some said they could never touch their urine with bare hands. What’s your take on this? Have you ever heard of such things before?


(photo of Sthembiso, the lady who tweeted)



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