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Divorce Affair

18 Year Old Lady Marries Her 61 Year Stepfather After He Broke Up With Her Mom

It appears that we will witness many unexpected and surprising things on the internet in the future. Every day, something new appears beneath the sun, leaving many people to wonder what kind of world we now inhabit. A disturbing piece of news has surfaced on social media, and everyone is outraged and shocked. As they heard the story, this really got into their veins.  

Deja Haugabook, a young and lovely lady, has done the unimaginable and unexpected by marrying her stepfather. They got engaged after the man and her mother allegedly filed for divorce. Nobody knows if they were having an affair in the past, but that is what people have been discussing on social media. Michael Haugabook, his 61-year-old Godfather, is the guy who married his young stepdaughter. This narrative spreads after a relative shared a story about them on the internet. 

Deja has a one-year-old daughter and is also responsible for Michael's three children, giving her a total of four children at the age of 18. The question now is, what would your reaction be if you were the mother?


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Deja Haugabook


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