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Zimbabweans Please Stop This Behaviour of Praising 'Mbingas' - OPINION

I have noticed a bad habit lately. We should NOT shame people into not posting about things we don’t afford!

The fact that I can’t afford a US$100 meal, doesn’t mean I should take out my anger on a pilot who can afford. Vent at the people that have made life hard for ALL of us!

If someone posts a nice car that their husband or wife bought for them legitimately, don’t go on about “why are you showing off, or how can you buy such a car when we have no water.”

That person is not your problem, deal with your problem and not try to rationalize it by thinking that everyone must suffer in solidarity, with those of us who are suffering financially!

We should be happy that there are people who can still earn a decent wage legitimately, and fight that we all do by dealing with what is stopping all of us from having nice things.

Isn’t ironic that the same people who guilty shame honest citizens, go and big up crooks stealing their money amd calling them Mbinga?

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ALL US$100 Zimbabweans


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