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Get rid of dull face with these funny memes

When you are talking to your woman and then you hear the voice of a naked man The pain you get when your female bestie gets a boyfriend!...

Stop calling people who listen to Hip Hop 'ma nigga' you sound stupid!!.Teacher: Write 3 diseases

Me: 1. HIV

2. Cancer

3. /

Teacher: What is / ?

Me: na stroke nah..

Teacher:Water Park owners are confused. How is 250000 litres added in the morning becomes 250300 litres in the evening. I hope it is not what I think it is. How do you feel reading this post with the same underwear you had yesterday?

When your phone dies after serving you for 27 minutes on 1%Monday looking at us like:When you are usually a happy Afghan but your girl broke up with you so now you are The 'I' and 'y' in 'City' are silent. Thank you!

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