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Relationship Advice Coming From Men Only Leave Social Media Impressed

Men are masculine in nature and through out history were always thought out to be leaders in the society or their respective homes.

The days of patriarchal rule may be coming to an end with a new belief system which entails that women can also manage to perform tasks that were initially believed to be the opposite gender.

Ladies nowadays are seen performing duties that require a lot of masculine strength and in some of our modern homes being the one that provides and protects.

That said, some group of Men have felt threatened by the drastic changes in our community and their way of expressing their stereotypical high testosterone levels has taken a toxic turn. Relationships between the opposite genders have been recently unsuccessfull on a global scale looking into marriage statistics, many argue that it is due to the men's absent mindedness in romantic relationships.

Men have proven to be able to rape or even more likely to take part in infidelity but these posts prove a different light on a different majority that still believes in genuine relationships.

Just as the popular belief that women were created to serve men, so is the stereotypes that men can only be associated with stupidity and lack of emotional intelligence should be debunked. A higher standard and more respectable species of men still exist and not just in margins.

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