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How to stop yourself from falling In love too quickly

How not to love quickly

Not to fall in love quickly to avoid disappointment.

I'm one of those people who just fall in love quickly ,at the slight show of interest from my potential boyfriends ,I just jump at the opportunity .

I've been hurt one too many times but I never seem to learn the lesson it's so crazy how I just believe when a person says they love me .

I was one person who took forever to let a person in but after all of that ,I still got hurt because when I made things official I was pretty sure that I knew them ,little did I know that a person can camouflage like a chameleon .

How do you stop yourself from loving too hard and too quickly?????Be honest with yourself. Sure, it's super exciting to fall for someone new. ...

Create boundaries. ...

Check in with your friends and family. ...

Recognize the red flags. ...

Be the captain of your emotions

Let me the one to help you decipher your heart before you fall victim to falling too quickly for a person .

Here are a few tips to stop you from loving a person too easily and too quickly .

1. Control your feelings .

Never be quick to say you like the person ,rather they should confess their undying love for you before you even decide on liking them .

2. Don't worry about losing them .

A person who truly loves you will never give up after a few rejects .A person who means what they say will wait up to a year if you insist on taking things slow .That person will stick around if it's meant to be , always remind yourself that if they threaten to leave they never really loved you .PLAY HARD TO GET.

3. Distract yourself from thinking about them .

Get a hobby ,resist texting them every second ,just keep yourself busy .

Soon after that you can now get rid of the lust and focus on whether or not you really like them .

4.choose to see their flaws early .

Never find their insults cute ,or how they talk to you cute ,if something is making you feel uneasy just point it out .Never ignore their habits ,then later discovering that you have to stick to liking them just because you were finding everything about the person cute .

5. Carefully consider if you are compatible or not .

I know it's too early in the relationship stages but fact is you may like the person but never see a future with them .

Create a future with that person and if they don't fit in it ,move on to the next person .If it's just for fun never let your emotions cloud your judgement of seeing a future with someone whole you don't .

6 . Distance ,Distance and More Distance.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder .

Just because they are far doesn't mean you are losing touch but if you truly love a person distance shouldn't create a drift but should bring you closer .

After doing all of these ,I am sure you will be able to reprimand yourself from falling for a person too hard .Not everyone who confesses their undying love truly loves you.Learn to take your time ,everyone deserves love and that's why you should take your time to find the right person .

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