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Dating Romantic

Dating: What to do and what not to do.

Dating is not just an art. It is an event. Dating can be a very special time for two people who are interested in each other. Dating starts off as a "search and seek mission" before it can evolve into something else. 

Both parties agree to check with who they are to see if it goes any further. 

You will find below some of the appointments;

1) Commit to having fun - be prepared to laugh, smile and have a good time. Dating can only get better if you both enjoy where you are and each other's company. 

At the end of the date, it would be great if you both could smile and be happy to be together. 

2) Commit to keeping it light - avoid heavy arguments (what happened to the cause of your divorce? How did you feel about losing your parents in that car accident?). 

The reason you want it light is that they are still feeling each other. He hasn't invested enough in his emotional dating bank to make a big emotional withdrawal. 

The only way to have deep conversations is by spending time. Take it easy.

3) Show yourself- this is the time to start letting go of your true self.

People who date tend to frown when they are around people who seem one way and eventually realize that they are someone else. Be yourself. Not too wild and crazy, but the real you. 

4) Talk about yourself and listen - When it comes to having a conversation with a new person, there are two things to keep in mind; Can you talk to them and will they listen to you? 

Talk a little about yourself first and check how well they listen. Then flip the script and listen to how they tell you about themselves.

 Here are some things that cannot be done; 

1) Be boring, talk. Engage. To interact. There is nothing worse than having a date so boring that you can't stay awake. If that happens, cut it off. Do them both a favor.

 2) Be Worried: Stop texting, playing games on your phone, or talking to other people when you have a date. They deserve your full attention, so give it to them. Pay attention. 

3) Use vulgar language - We all know adults can swear. But ladies and gentlemen are above such petty behavior and can talk without resorting to swearing. Show off your broad vocabulary. 

4) Make excessive physical contact - Make each touch light and non-threatening.

I know I want my personal space to be protected so that strangers cannot come in and feel right at home. The safest way to end a date earlier.

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