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3 Ways A Girl Can Test You To Know If You Like Her

In the modern era, people take precautions before entering into a partnership. Truth be said, no one likes to be wounded or have their heart shattered, especially by someone they genuinely care about. As a result, before entrusting someone with the key to their heart, they authenticate and test their trustworthiness.

A woman will test you before accepting you, therefore don't be surprised if that happens to you as a man. Getting her trust and affection is easy if you can pass the test and show her that you aren't playing with her feelings.

In this post, I'll show you three ways women test a man before they fall in love with him or him with them.

Getting a response from her is going to be a slow process.

1. One method a woman tests a man's sincerity is by responding to his text messages. She's doing it on purpose to test if you'll give up or if you'll carry on with your plan. Keeping your cool and texting her even if she doesn't respond right away is the best thing you can do as a man. As time passes, she will respond well.

2. She'll put you to the test, that's for sure.

As an additional pre-courtship exam, a girl may put your patience to the test. She wants to know how patient you are and how much tolerance you have. Perhaps she'll make a promise, then break it to watch how you respond. If your reaction is negative, she may be less inclined to give you a second opportunity. It's possible she'll reconsider if you respond positively to her.

3. She'll make it difficult for you to get close to her.

Even if she has feelings for you, she will make it difficult to obtain her because she wants to see how desperate you are for her. If you keep going to her, she may stop giving you her time and attention. If you give up after being rejected, she'll think you're not sincere. However, if you persist, she may end up giving you the key to her heart and opening her heart to you.

Some women try to be difficult to get in order to check if a man really does care about them as much as he professes.

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