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How To Deal With Being Disliked or Unaccepted By Certain People

It's challenging to satisfy everyone all the time. There will always be those who loathe you, no matter what you do or how hard you try. In certain cases, you can take actions to win over more people's favor, but in other cases, your only option is to develop coping mechanisms. You can develop the ability to accept that everyone suffers dislike, as well as take steps to develop your own confidence and self-worth, so that you are less disturbed by dislike in the first place.

Here are some strategies for coping with people's hate or rejection.

1. Recognize that not everyone will like you no matter what you do or who you are.

This is just a reality, but it's nothing to be alarmed or angry about. You will be able to ignore when someone doesn't like you more quickly the sooner you accept this.

2. Avoid attempting to pass for someone else in an effort to win their favor.

Sad to say, many people compromise themselves, lose their authenticity and sense of self, and give up their own hopes and goals in an effort to win over others and shape themselves into someone they think others would like.

This is a surefire way to be miserable and to fall short of your objectives.

You'll shortly realize that attempting to please everyone you come into contact with is exhausting, difficult, and pointless.

3. You don't need the approval of others to feel good about yourself.

We are taught from the moment we are born that we can only ultimately love and feel good about ourselves when enough other people do.

That is false.

You don't need the acceptance and validation of others in order to be happy or feel good about yourself, even though it is a lovely and welcome supplement to your life.

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