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For men : 5 ways to make a woman happy

In a relationship it is a man 's job to make sure his woman is well taken care of.

It's also his duty to be there for her emotionally and other wise.

In my opinion women do the most in relationships therefore being there for them is the least we can do to show our gratitude for all they do.

Here are the 5 ways to make your woman happy.

5. Avoid conflict in a relationship.

Conflict is bad for a relationship for it causes an exchange of hurtful words that cannot be taken back .

Conflict tears a relationship apart it creates a ln akward atmosphere for a relationship .

Therefore to make your woman happy try to avoid conflict by all means necessary.

4 . Be a supportive partner.

Support your woman in all that she does and show her that you are her biggest fan.

Be that one person that she can rely on for support.

3.Treat her like a queen.

Be a gentleman who is loving , caring , understanding and empathetic.

2. Never forget important dates like her birthday or your anniversary.

Remembering your anniversary and her birthday gives your woman assurance that you care deeply for her.

1. Be honest and transparent.

Honesty is key to strengthening a relationship and it also build trust.

Be loyal and faithful and above all be a reliable partner.

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