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A lady finds a Panty inside her man's jean pockets

8A man took to social media to ask for advices from other men , after his girlfriend found a Panty inside his jeans .

"Guys my girlfriend was packing my clothes and she sent me this , she found it in my jeans pocket 😭😭 i don't know what to say to her when i get home " says @Lesliesiya on twitter.

South Africa men did not disappoint as usual they have answers for everything when it comes to cheating and their answers were so hilarious.

"Ask her why is she doing this to you ? Why trying so hard to implicate you for cheating ? Her insecurities are making it difficult for the relationship .Don't forgwt to be pissed " @Oscar_blaauw

"Rule Number one , Deny . Rule Number two , repeat Rule Number 1 , and so on and so on , and so on " @MkhabeleTony

" Tell her you are now doing Stripping as a side hustle so you can meet up with the maldives Vacation bills coming up this December " @Updateboyx

" Just tell her that you wanted to see if she found it she will tell you coz last time you put R200 in the jeans and she never told you that she found money " @Elmon82

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