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After going back to a man who beat her up so bad check what she wrote

Women abuse is an act of abusing your wife or girlfriend physically or emotionally, it's very much common to find a man abusing his wife it's either his controlling or he just want to be feared.

With this one her man allegedly beat her up to a pulp, you could see in this picture above, no woman deserves this kind of beating it doesn't matter what you did. But despite that she did what most victims do she went back to her abuser and forgave him.

She talks on how he's a changed man and that no one is perfect and we shouldn't judge.

She even told people to mind their business as she is happy with her fiance.

I don't know about this one , maybe it may work out or not but what I ask myself about victims of abuse who go back , is how do you then be able to live with the trama he put you through.

I hope it works out for her , if not, she should leave before it's too late.

Source: Facebook

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