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Photos Of A 50-Year-Old Man Who Married 3 Sisters The Same Day Because Of What He Wants

When Mohammad Ssemanda, a 50-year-old restaurant owner at Kasenyi launch site in Wakiso area, Uganda, married three bridesmaids at the same time, no one expected it. Despite the fact that the bridesmaids were all blood sisters, everyone was taken by surprise.

According to Uganda's New Vision, the ceremony took place on Wednesday afternoon at Sophia Namaalo's house, which is located in Katabi local council in the Wakiso area of the country. In the words of this overjoyed groom, all of his wives had agreed to be married on the same day because they adored him, despite the fact that they were facing financial difficulties.

"Having said that, I can declare unequivocally that my spouses are not envious of one another. After determining that they each have a place to call home, I resolved to continue working and assisting them as much as I possibly could "Ssemanda made a remark about it.

The bridesmaids, who were also Salmat Naluwugge's first wife, and the 48-year-old Salmat Naluwugge had been married for almost twenty years, and they had five children together at the time of the wedding. In addition to Jameo Nakayiza, a 27-year-old woman, and Mastulah Namwanje, who is 24 years old and is Mastulah's sister, there are a number of other females. In addition, they are the parents of children.

Salmat Naluwugge expressed gratitude to Allah on behalf of herself and the other brides of Ssemanda for their happy relationship, which had lasted for more than two decades, and expressed gratitude to the other wives of Ssemanda on behalf of themselves.

"I congratulate our spouse for consenting to marry the three of us together, which is an indicator that he would never mistreat or cause any of us suffering," Naluwugge said with joy.

Many of Ssemanda's neighbors were delighted to discover that she had saved money by being married to three sisters on the same day, claiming that doing so reduced expenditures for the family.

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