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Twice As Bold: The twins fight over their quest to find one husband to share

Twice As Bold is a show on Mzansi Magic that follows Olwethu and Owami Siko on their journey to finding a new husband. You read that correctly. They want to find one husband to share between them as sisters. It is an odd concept they've completely embraced.

This week a dispute about their sexual lives led them to a new conclusion.

The Siko Twins do everything together. This isn't an exaggeration. They are in their thirties and wear the same clothes, bath together and sleep on the same bed. It's odd. But they did also marry the same man and want to do it again. It seems though, that their grandmother is getting in the way of that on the other side.

The twins were fighting this week because of their disagreement over the forced celibacy they're going through. They claim that every plan to meet up with a man is thwarted and the accident that happened this week is proof. It seems there are forces against them finding a spouse to share.

Social Media Response

People believed this was their sign to stop this search.

One user wrote, "The ancestors don't want them to have one husband 🤞🏿#Twiceasbold"

While another user wrote, "Please tell me why you’d want to share a partner with your sibling? #Twiceasbold"

A final user wrote, "Abantu bomoya(The spiritual girls) will definitely blame umoya (the ancestors) for this accident 🤣 #Twiceasbold"

The twins fascinate me I have to say. They always manage to never see the point that everyone else can see. As viewers we know the problems lies with sharing a husband. To them? It becomes a spiritual husband situation. They can be quite naive. Their grandmother already wanted them to be individuals. When will they learn?

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Source: Twice As Bold on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

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