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Husband and wife relationship

"I Regret Getting Married to a Mzungu, My Aunt And Sister Have Been Sleeping With Him" Lady Cries

Wanjiku is a mother to three gorgeous children, and she is married to a white guy, a decision that she really regrets. Wanjiku is a mother.

According to Wanjiku, she has been married to a wealthy white man, yet she has never even had the opportunity to get a Bob from him in all of their time together.

Since her husband forbade her from working, Wanjiku must rely on her sister to provide her with the clothing she wears.

After having her aunt and sister stay at her house for a few weeks, Wanjiku alleges that the worst thing that happened was that she caught her sister and aunt engaging in sexual activity with her husband.

She alleges that her sister has been sending her threatening texts in which she even treats her like a co-wife. She says this has been going on for some time.

She alleges that her husband has spent their money on her sister and aunt, but that he has abandoned her to languish at home while he does so.

She maintains that her husband pays for their children's school tuition, does the shopping, and pays the rent, but that she has no way of obtaining her own money.

Wanjiku says that she is suffering unnecessarily because of her marriage to a white guy, and she says that she should have known better than to be married in the first place.

She has also said that her husband is seeking exclusive custody of their children, which he intends to do so that he may relocate the family to their native country.

Because she is concerned, she is appealing with any attorney who may be able to assist her in obtaining full custody of her children to get in touch with her.

In addition, she is begging for anybody who is in a position to assist her in finding work to do so in order to enable her to support her family and care for her children.

In addition to this, she has cautioned the women who are engaged to be married to white males to exercise extreme caution since not all of them are respectful.


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